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Elvaco is a supplier of communication equipment for automatic meter reading. Our products offer a wide range of possibilities such as measuring of charging poles, solar power and climate in greenhouses.

District heating

Elvaco is a supplier of communication equipment for automatic meter reading of any M-Bus meter for district heating, district cooling, electricity and other meters such as temperature sensors.

Real estate

Elvaco is a supplier of communication equipment for sub-metering of apartment buildings. Meter values can be registered from any M-Bus meter for electricity, water, heat and temperature.

Latest news

Elkoral OÜ in Tallinn, Latvia has since 2015 delivered Elvaco's M-Bus masters and gateways to selected projects in Nutikas Maja/Intelligent Building. A whole concept for building automation, where part of the solution consists of submetering of temperature, water and electricity.

Together with other features, for example entry phone systems, access control, lighting control...

In this year's Christmas gift, we have chosen to make a donation to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. We hope that our gift can help contribute to a brighter future for more sick children!

Read more or make a donation on www.barncancerfonden.se


Due to the upcoming holidays, we have some limitations for deliveries from Elvaco. Please see below:

December 27, 2015 - Last date of shipment for the year. 
January 2, 2016 - First date of shipment after the holidays.

Elvaco will also be closed on December 23 and 30. We ask for our customers understanding with this.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at +46 300 30250.


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About Elvaco

Elvaco is a manufacturer and independent supplier of communication equipment and software for collection, processing and presentation of metering data. We deliver high-performing M-Bus masters and slaves for reading of electricity, district heating, water and any other meter following the M-Bus standard.


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