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Elvaco is a supplier of communication equipment for automatic meter reading. Our products offer a wide range of possibilities such as measuring of charging poles, solar power and climate in greenhouses.

District heating

Elvaco is a supplier of communication equipment for automatic meter reading of any M-Bus meter for district heating, district cooling, electricity and other meters such as temperature sensors.

Real estate

Elvaco is a supplier of communication equipment for sub-metering of apartment buildings. Meter values can be registered from any M-Bus meter for electricity, water, heat and temperature.

Latest news


Elvaco has now released software version 1.6.0 of the Fixed Network Gateway CMe3100. Listed below are the most significant changes:

  • New IP address. Link-local address for USB network interface is changed from 192.168...


Information regarding the power consumption of several meters has now been published on the Elvaco website. The information is listed under the technical specification of each specific meter.


We will have limited availability during Wednesday September 14 and until about 14.00 on Thursday September 15.
We ask for our customers understanding with this.

Please contact us mainly by e-mail these days. We will follow up...

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About Elvaco

Elvaco is a manufacturer and independent supplier of communication equipment and software for collection, processing and presentation of metering data. We deliver high-performing M-Bus masters and slaves for reading of electricity, district heating, water and any other meter following the M-Bus standard.


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