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Launching of CMi6140

Launching of CMi6140

Elvaco continues to expand in NB-IoT – releases new module for Kamstrup heat meters

The module CMi6140 is our latest addition to our range of NB-IoT communicating products. It is developed for heating and cooling utilities to bring all the benefits with the technology and to meet the higher demands in reach, lifespan, and security. The CMi6140 is developed for heat meters from Kamstrup, a large actor in the heating/cooling industry with a high number of meters in the field. With the new module, CMi6140, we enable our customers who currently are using Kamstrup meters to easily convert them into smart IoT meters with the NB-IoT technology.

NB-IoT – a progressing technology
NB-IoT is a progressing technology with a growing demand in the market. The technology is developed for IoT applications that require low power consumption and long range. The technology fits well in contexts where you want to communicate a relatively small amount of data, relatively rarely and cost-effectively. NB-IoT is operated and maintained by the mobile operators, which ensures a network that is not overloaded and where collisions are avoided. This brings a high-quality network to the users. The technology is based on long reach and high energy efficiency with low data costs.


The product CMi6140 and its benefits
CMi6140 is a NB-IoT communicating meter communication module for Kamstrup heat meters that is easy to get started with and to use. The module connects to the network and starts delivering data directly at start up, which facilitates the commissioning process for the users. The CMi6140 can also be delivered preconfigured and with a SIM card already mounted – all to make the handling of the product as simple as possible. 

The commissioning of CMi6140 is easily done in the Elvaco One-Touch Commissioning (OTC) app or via the push button on the meter. The CMi6140 is integrated with the meter, so the most important information about the installation process can be followed directly in the meter’s display or in the Device Management system. This gives direct feedback if the installation was successful which saves time and efforts in the field. 

Elvaco’s unique OTC concept, offers the whole chain of security, easy deployment and configuration, where meter data is delivered all the way to any chosen energy monitoring system. 

The CMi6140 gives the user a highly secure solution where keys and other information are delivered through the Elvaco Key Management System with direct M2M API integration. Already implemented by many operators of HES (for example Landis+Gyr, Aidon, Diehl, Avance and Cuculus). Everything to meet the demands in security and to give our customers a safe and efficient solution. 

CMi6140 delivers time stamped meter values with high reliability, and it supports several message formats. This gives the user the benefit of being able to easily adjust the collected data to any specific project. The module also supports momentary readouts and readout of historical values to fill gaps in measurement series due to, for instance, interruptions in the mobile networks. 

With our CMi6140 NB-IoT Battery, we provide an answer to the strong demand for a location-independent application, as no power connection has to be available on site. This brings the advantage of a high flexibility in the installation of the communication module in the measuring device.


Device management and meter data
Elvaco has chosen LWM2M as Device Management protocol, which enables the user to choose any Device Management system with support for LWM2M. Depending on the product’s power supply, it is possible to perform momentary read-outs. It also has the function to deliver meter data via LWM2M that results in the benefit of only having to use one server for both Device Management and Meter Data Management. 

The CMi6140 can send data with standardized payload decoding such as plain text (JSON), M-Bus and a combination of SenML/CBOR/M-Bus. This enables direct integration with most head end systems with none or very little effort. 


CMi6140 fits in the Elvaco platform strategy
According to the Elvaco platform strategy, the module CMi6140 also uses the leading and standardized open metering M-Bus protocol within the application layer. 

“By generally using M-Bus as the leading metering protocol, we ensure the highest interoperability for our metering products. System integrators can easily adapt further CMi61XX products if they have once integrated them into their metering platform. This saves money and time in your metering solution roll out project.” Explains Christopher Vonasek, Product Manager for Meter Connectivity Modules.


For questions regarding the product, please contact Christopher Vonasek, Product Manager, Meter Connectivity Modules, +46 300 30253 / christopher.vonasek@elvaco.se



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