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Business Ethics to Ensure Financial Sustainability

Business Ethics to Ensure Financial Sustainability

Economic growth and profitability are a prerequisite for us to develop the business and increase the chance of achieving long-term sustainable development.

Through the Elvaco Code of Conduct, we ensure that business is performed according to high professional, ethical, and responsible standards.



Our employees shall act as role models and conduct business with integrity and to the highest ethical standards in all situations. As stated in Elvaco’s Anti-Corruption Policy, we have zero tolerance concerning corruption and unethical behavior. All Elvaco employees receive training in anti-corruption and our Code of Conduct and are well-informed about the laws and regulations that are relevant to their professional roles.



At Elvaco, suppliers are carefully evaluated and selected from an environmental, quality, and financial perspective. We expect from our suppliers that they uphold the same level of business ethic as Elvaco, and that they operate according to environmental and human rights standards. Elvaco performs annual audits of strategic suppliers, and we require compliance with Elvaco’s Code of Conduct, which is central to the supplier agreement.


Partner Code of Conduct

Elvaco has a network of partners that supply our products and work closely with our end-customers. As a consequence, our partners play a key role in maintaining customer satisfaction and upholding the level of business ethics required by Elvaco. To manage this, we have implemented a Partner Program with an agreement that establishes the ways-of-working and requires a sign-off and compliance with our Partner Code of Conduct.



At Elvaco, we strive to have a positive impact on the society and the world we live in. Our products shall always contribute to a more sustainable world, and we do our utmost to ensure sustainability and ethical business practices throughout our supply chain. By taking pride in what we do, conducting business with honesty and integrity, and taking laws and regulations seriously we firmly believe Elvaco can contribute to a more sustainable development.

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