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M-Bus Gateway – the smart infrastructure for remote meter reading 

An M-Bus Gateway from Elvaco is the essential interface that allows data and readings to be requested from M-Bus meters and transmitted to the control systems in the communications infrastructure. Our intelligent, autonomous M-Bus Gateways are innovative IoT products that simplify remote meter reading by creating a comprehensive metering system. The different models from our product range are ideally suited to a wide variety of applications. 


Intuitive and uncomplicated – the principle behind our M-Bus Gateways 

M-Bus Gateways are smart, independent devices that automatically request the readings from the meter and transmit them using established communication standards. This makes them the perfect solution for collecting and delivering instantaneous values. The meter data is processed in the device itself, which means that no special M-Bus software is needed in the higher-level system. Instead, our innovative M-Bus Gateways function on the plug-and-play principle with an intuitive, self-explanatory web interface. As a result, you will save valuable time and move one step closer to a smart building automation solution. 


An overview of our M-Bus Gateways – from entry-level models to high-end variants 

Elvaco offers a broad range of M-Bus Gateways for use in fixed and mobile networks. The CMe3000 is the cost-effective entry-level option, while the CMe2100 has higher-level functions such as customer-specific reporting and communication via the mobile network. Our premium model, the CMe3100, offers additional features such as an integrated splitter function, M-Bus to ModBus TCP/IP converter as well as a smart REST-API interface for smooth integration. Elvaco also offers turnkey solutions that are supplied assembled, connected and ready for use. 


From the master to the receiver – the essential accompaniments to the M-Bus Gateway  

The M-Bus Masters from our product range make the ideal accessories for our M-Bus Gateways and increase the number of meters that can be used by each gateway. The versatile, radio-based technology, wireless M-Bus, which is easy to retrofit, is an innovative upgrade for a wired M-Bus. Elvaco has an extensive portfolio of high-quality solutions also in this area too. You can install a Wireless M-Bus Receiver from our range to enable a classic M-Bus Gateway to communicate with a wM-Bus meter. 


Energy-efficient and cost-effective – the benefits of M-Bus technology 


Meter reading via M-Bus is undoubtedly a key trend in building automation and the Internet of Things. The reasons for the increasing importance of M-Bus systems are clear. Energy efficiency helps to reduce costs for the owners and residents of buildings, but it is also an essential factor in the development of a sustainable society. An M-Bus Gateway adds the finishing touch to a complex metering system by delivering the data and readings that have been collected to the control system. 


Elvaco – a reliable supplier of technical infrastructure components for buildings 


If you are interested in our smart solutions involving M-Bus Gateways, please send us an enquiry by e-mail or pick up the phone to talk directly to a member of our expert team. Our experienced employees will be happy to answer your questions about our product family and the metering technologies we use. We look forward to receiving your enquiries about M-Bus Gateways.