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How Netz Leipzig GmbH meets the legal requirements for remote reading

This use case shows how a modern network operator integrated wireless M-Bus into their operations with great success.


Netz Leipzig GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stadtwerke Leipzig GmbH and operates the electricity, gas and district heating network for Leipzig.

Netz Leipzig GmbH was faced with new challenges following the amendment to the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and the entry into force of the German Metering Point Operation Act (MsBG). The latter sets out an obligation to install smart metering systems for consumers whose annual consumption exceeds 6,000 kWh. The resulting challenge was twofold: 1. the development of an infrastructure that enables the requirements for remote reading to be met at a technical level; and 2. the provision and visualisation of data for customers. Furthermore, the legal requirements of the German District Heating or District Cooling Consumption and Billing Regulation (FFVAV) also needed to be met.

In terms of both software and hardware, it was clear that intelligent gateways using wireless M-Bus meters were the answer. The compact design and narrow dimensions of the casing for the gateways were a key feature and crucial for the project’s successful implementation. In addition, the solution offers reliable service life planning with very high data volumes recorded at a high frequency through the radio transmission.

Today, almost 100% of Netz Leipzig GmbH’s heat meters send wireless M-Bus signals at 16-second intervals. The Company is therefore well equipped to meet FFVAV requirements. Thanks to the products’ use of an open communication standard, data analysis is possible without proprietary software. Netz Leipzig GmbH installed the gateways in electricity distribution cabinets and thus incorporated them unbureaucratically and efficiently into the city’s entire heating network.

Products used
Netz Leipzig GmbH decided on the wireless M-Bus receiver CMi-Box. CMi-Box processes the received meter readings. The integrated mobile radio modem ensures automatic data transmission to the meter data management (MDM) server. Device synchronisation via a device management server enables Netz Leipzig GmbH to largely automate their processes.

Erik Epler, Strategic Asset Management Consultant at Netz Leipzig GmbH:
“Our positive experience with Elvaco’s wireless M-Bus receiver CMeX50 in tests carried out in 2018 convinced us to choose Elvaco as our partner for the ‘Heat Monitoring’ project. In addition, we were impressed by the excellent customer support provided by Elvaco.”