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Turnkey solutions – the future of metering infrastructure

Turnkey solutions are ready-to-go products and solutions that are easily installed and that can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures. While the term comes from IT security, demand for this type of innovative solution has risen sharply in connection with technologies such as M-Bus.


Companies, service providers and customers generally expect turnkey solutions to provide time and cost savings as well as a high degree of flexibility.
Turnkey solutions – using the turnkey principle to change infrastructure
Conventional solutions that do not adopt a turnkey approach can be difficult for companies to implement. As the complexity of the infrastructure in which the new solution must be integrated increases, so too does the difficulty of the implementation process.

Turnkey solutions overcome this problem by focusing on maximum simplicity and speed in the installation process. This is reflected in the term “turnkey”, which comes from the idea that all companies need to do is simply “turn a key”. Such solutions offer a wide range of functions in combination with immediate usability.

From cost savings to flexibility: the advantages of turnkey solutions

The steadily growing popularity of turnkey solutions in recent years is due to a number of advantages. Turnkey solutions provide companies with a service model that has similar benefits to software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. These include the following in particular: 

  • minimum procurement and implementation costs;
  • minimum maintenance costs for the devices and systems used;
  • maximum flexibility to change or expand the infrastructure;
  • automatic maintenance and patch management;
  • less labour-intensive, freeing up capacity to focus on core business activities.


Elvaco – a visionary partner for turnkey solutions

As a manufacturer of innovative products for remote meter reading and the associated infrastructure, Elvaco is an established partner for modern turnkey solutions. Based on widely used M-Bus technology, we develop functional units that harness the benefits of turnkey solutions.
If you are interested in products from our range of turnkey solutions or would like more information on how to operate these solutions and their functionality, please contact our team. We look forward to hearing from you.


Turnkey solution FAQs


What are turnkey solutions?

Turnkey solutions are end-to-end solutions that can be easily implemented and that offer maximum functionality. In contrast, standard solutions are more difficult to put into operation. The more complex the existing infrastructure is, the more work is required.


What are the advantages of turnkey solutions?

Turnkey solutions promise significant time and cost savings for their users. As they can be installed and put into operation quickly and easily, they minimise procurement and maintenance costs. In addition, they advance automation in your system and offer a degree of flexibility that conventional non-turnkey systems cannot match.