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Wireless M-Bus repeater

This wireless M-Bus repeater from Lansen extends the functionality of the wireless M-Bus infrastructure for measuring and processing of data from remote meter reading. It increases the range between the individual meters and the gateway, which acts as a collector for the meter data. The model impresses above all with its plug-and-play functionality and various configuration options.

Wireless M-Bus Repeater

The wireless M-Bus repeaters from Lansen are a plug-and-play device used to extend the range between meters and a collector / gateway. The repeats are IP65 & IP67 rated and can be operated with 230 VAC or battery. The repeaters standard frequency is 868,95MHz. 

With this wireless M-Bus repeater, you can increase the range of your wireless M-Bus infrastructure in order to be more effective during planning and to be able to proceed more efficiently. The signal from the individual wireless M-Bus meters is amplified so that the data can be transmitted wirelessly to the gateway as desired. The wireless M-Bus repeater is available in two variants. While the wired version can be connected to a power source with 230 volts direct current (230 VAC), the battery-operated model ensures a long service life even without being connected to a power source. With standard configuration the included battery has a lifetime of 10 years, then the repeater listens and repeats 20 minutes every day.

To certify quality and reliability, the repeater is IP65 and IP67 certified.

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In a functional wireless M-Bus system, this wireless M-Bus repeater from Lansen assumes the position of a signal amplifier. It allows data transmission from the M-Bus meters, the so-called slaves, to the gateway to run smoothly by increasing the range of the signal and thus enabling a flexible setup of the wireless M-Bus infrastructure. In this way, it makes remote meter reading simpler, more efficient and more reliable. Features of this model are the useful plug and play functionality, which enables easy installation, a minimalist housing design and a choice of different configurations. So the wireless M-Bus repeater is available either as a current-connected version with 230 VAC or as a battery-operated variant with an estimated service life of five years.