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The CMi4130 Internal Meter Connectivity Module (MCM) is an easy-to-use, economical and energy-efficient solution for communication between the Itron CF ECHO II/51/55 meter and the receiving server. The meter module uses a LoRaWAN network. The module is characterized by a long communication range, energy-efficient battery operation over at least eleven years as well as low acquisition and operating costs. It can be configured via NFC using Elvaco’s OTC mobile app.

CMi4130 - Integrated MCM for Itron CF ECHO II/51/55, LoRaWAN

The rapid growth of IoT (“Internet of things”) has resulted in new communication techniques, specifically developed to meet the growing demand of high energy-efficiency and long range. LoRaWAN is one such technique. CMi4130 is mounted inside an Itron CF ECHO II/51/55 to deliver meter data to a receiving server via a LoRaWAN network. The product has 11 years of battery life, is energy-efficient, has a long communication range and is easily retrofitted inside an already deployed meter. CMi4130 is easily configured through Elvaco OTC mobile app (via NFC). With CMi4130, Elvaco offers a meter communication module designed for customers that require a user-friendly and cost-effective solution.

The CMi4130 consists of a robust housing, an NFC and a LoRaWAN antenna as well as a long-lasting battery. While a green and a red LED communicate the current status of the CMi4130 or indicate errors, the push button allows you to switch on and restart the CMi4130. The CMi4130 is particularly easy to configure thanks to NFC. First, the meter module must be activated in the Elvaco OTC mobile app. Subsequently, the calibration of the data rate of the device and the configuration with the LoRaWAN network management server are carried out automatically. The setting of important configuration parameters can be made with the smartphone app via NFC or by radio with the LoRaWAN downlink. 

The CMi4130 supports a total of five different message formats such as standard or compact with M-Bus encoding as well as JSON plain text. The frequency of communication between the meter module and the server can be set individually by configuring any transmission interval. To ensure a battery life of at least eleven years, the CMi4130 is equipped with an EcoMode. This regulates the transmission interval below a specified limit and thus ensures that the CMi4130 is energy-efficient. 

There are two different versions of the CMi4130: While the CMi4130Int has an internal PCB antenna, the CMi4130Ext uses a pigtail to connect an external antenna.

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As an internal meter communication module for the Itron CF ECHO II/51/55 meter, the CMi4130 is an energy-efficient, reliable and economical solution. It collects the meter's data at an individually defined interval and sends it via the LoRaWAN network to the receiving server, where the meter data compiled in reports is further processed. 

A long communication range, an extremely long battery life of at least eleven years thanks to the integrated EcoMode as well as an uncomplicated configuration via NFC and the associated Elvaco OTC app are the central advantages of the CMi4130.