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CMi6110 is an integrated meter connectivity module that is installed inside a Landis+Gyr UH50 heat meter and transmits energy data to the meter data management software of your choice. NB-IoT technology is used to enable automatic meter reading, and is provided as a network on site by telecom companies. The CMi6110 is installed directly inside the heat meter and offers an optimal communication range and first-class energy efficiency while remaining very user friendly. The model also supports a variety of formats for transmitting data, and can be easily integrated into existing systems thanks to its seamless compatibility by using IoT standards such as MQTT-SN and LWM2M.

CMi6110 - Integrated MCM for Landis + Gyr UH50/UC50, NB-IoT

CMi6110 is a meter communication module, mounted inside a Landis + Gyr UH50/UC50. As soon as the device has been mounted and deployed it will start to deliver meter data to a receiving system via a NB-IoT network. The product is easily configured through Elvaco OTC mobile app or via DM-system, has several different message formats and is ideal for applica-tions where long range is required. The CMi6110 can be batte-ry operated for up to 10 years. Meter data delivery and device management utilizes standard protocols, such as MQTT-SN and LWM2M for easy integration to existing systems.

The CMi6110 can be powered by a power supply unit (PSU) or battery. To ensure optimal functionality, make sure to connect an external antenna released by the supplier to the meter connectivity module. The CMi6110 is equipped with a special MCX connector for this purpose. An internal antenna can be retrofitted if there is no way to mount an external antenna. 

With the Elvaco OTC app, the CMi6110 can be easily activated and configured using One-Touch Commissioning. The Elvaco OTC app can be installed on any mobile device with an iOS or Android operating system. The CMi6110 is equipped with an NFC antenna that smoothly connects with the app. The module also has two LEDs, one red and one green, which indicate the current status and possible problems in an understandable way. This means that users can quickly and easily switch the module to a specific operating mode on site and receive immediate feedback via the LEDs without using the app.

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If you want to expand the functionality of your Landis+Gyr UH50 heat meter to include automatic readouts, the CMi6110 integrated meter connectivity module is the ideal solution. The module can be installed directly inside heat and cooling meters and transmits the collected data directly via the NB-IoT network to the connected receiver. The data can be analysed and further processed in the elvaco.evo cloud solution, for example to aid billing processes. This is particularly useful if you do not use your own platform or if you want to have a seamless integration into your existing system without any development efforts. Meter data is encoded with M-Bus standard protocols, which enables quick integration into your software. 

A key feature of the CMi6110 is its broad communication range, so that even longer distances between the meter with connectivity module and the mobile communications receiver are no problem. Thanks to its excellent deep indoor coverage, the CMi6110 can also be easily read from basement spaces. Both the power supply unit (PSU) or battery unit and the One-Touch Commissioning via the Elvaco OTC app are all simple and straightforward. In addition to the module, Elvaco offers SIM cards as a service for providing data quickly and easily.