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The CMi6140 NB-IoT module represents the latest advancement in the world of meter communication by enabling reliable and advanced data transfer over the NarrowBand Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network. It has been specially developed for integration into the Kamstrup MULTICAL® 403, 603 and 803 heat/cooling meters and promises smooth communication between the meter and the central receiving system.

CMi6140 - Integrated MCM for Kamstrup Multical 403/603/803, NB-IoT

CMi6140 is a meter communication module, mounted inside a Kamstrup MC403, MC603, MC803 heat/cold meter and calculator. As soon as the device has been mounted and deployed, it will start to deliver meter data to a receiving system via a NB-IoT network. The product is easily configured through Elvaco OTC mobile app or via DM-system, has several different message formats and is ideal for applications where long range is required. The CMi6140 can be battery operated for up to 10 years. Meter data delivery and device management utilizes standard protocols, such as MQTT-SN and LWM2M for easy integration to existing systems.

The CMi6140 stands out in particular thanks to its ease of use. Users can easily set up and configure the module using the Elvaco OTC mobile app or the device management system. The device management enables firmware updates and settings changes to be carried out on the module remotely. This means that the module can be kept fully up to date without the need to access it physically. This key USP means reduced running costs. 

The wide variety of supported message formats also guarantees a high degree of compatibility with different system requirements, making the NB-IoT module suitable for a range of different applications. This is further reinforced by the impressive range of the NB-IoT network, which is particularly useful in remote or hard-to-reach areas with erratic network conditions.


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Electrical connections

Electrical characteristics

Environmental specifications

Temperature sensor, margin of error

Humidity sensor, margin of error

User interface


Wireless M-Bus

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Connections and Interfaces


As a meter communication module, the CMi6140 provides a smooth interface between the Kamstrup MULTICAL® 403, 603 and 803 heat/cooling meters and the central receiving system over NB-IoT. The lifetime of the CMi6140 is a major advantage over other meter communication modules. A battery life of up to 10 years provides maximum assurance that the product will provide a long-lasting, reliable service without the need for constant maintenance or battery replacements. The implementation of standard protocols like MQTT-SN and LWM2M also makes it easier to integrate into existing system landscapes and ensures optimised and efficient data communication.