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The CMi6160 NB-IoT module provides optimised solutions for the efficient and reliable transfer of meter data. Developed for use in the Diehl Metering SHARKY 775 heat/cooling meter and the SCYLAR Int 8 calculator, this module ensures that energy consumption data is all accurately collected and sent to central receiving systems over the NB-IoT network.

CMi6160 - Integrated NB-IoT MCM for Diehl SHARKY

CMi6160 is a meter communication module, mounted inside a Diehl Metering Sharky heat/cold meter. As soon as the device has been mounted and deployed, it will start to deliver meter data to a receiving system via a NB-IoT network. The product is easily configured through Elvaco OTC mobile app or via DM-system, has several different message formats and is ideal for applications where long range is required. The CMi6160 can be battery operated for up to 13 years. Meter data delivery and device management utilizes standard protocols, such as MQTT-SN and LWM2M for easy integration to existing systems.

The CMi6160 meter communication module was designed with user-friendliness in mind. The Elvaco OTC mobile app and the device management system provide an intuitive platform for configuring and monitoring the NB-IoT module. The meter communication module supports multiple message formats, further optimising the transfer and analysis of data. 

Another feature is the impressive battery life of up to 13 years, which significantly reduces maintenance costs and effort. The implementation of standard protocols such as MQTT-SN and LWM2M makes the CMi6160 very easy to integrate into existing system structures. It thus embodies the ideal combination of innovative technology and practical usability.

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NB-IoT is a groundbreaking technology that has been specially developed for the Internet of Things and allows devices to communicate over long distances using minimal energy. This technology is used by the CMi6160 NB-IoT module to send energy consumption data from the Diehl Metering SHARKY 775 heat/cooling meter and the SCYLAR Int 8 calculator to a central receiving system. The long range makes the CMi6160 of particular interest for places with difficult network conditions, such as deep inside buildings or in rural areas.