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Elvaco Sense 200W



Elvaco offers temperature and humidity sensors, both for indoor and outdoor environments. The product line enables simple and cost-effective metering, which enables a more effective use of energy and a better real-estate climate. Sensors are available with M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus or LoRaWAN communication, as well as with or without display.  


Elvaco Sense 200W - WM-Bus indoor Temp & Humidity sensor

Elvaco Sense 200W is an indoor temperature and humidity WM-Bus sensor. With a transmission interval of 6 minutes, the battery life time is up to 16 years. Elvaco Sense series can easily be configured via a smartphone, for instance set transmission interval, encryption mode, and more for a truly customized sensor experience. The sensor is powered by one 3.6V AA lithium battery (sold separately).


Electrical connections

Electrical characteristics

Environmental specifications

Usage environment:

Temperature sensor, margin of error

Humidity sensor, margin of error

User interface


Wireless M-Bus

Integrated M-Bus Master

Wireless M-Bus Receiver

M-Bus slave interface


Data storage (examples)

Mobile Network

Fixed Network (Ethernet)



Connections and Interfaces