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Elvaco is a growing company with talented, down-to-earth people who want to deliver that little extra while at the same time having fun!


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We offer services aimed at simplifying the everyday life of metering personnel in energy companies and real estate companies.

We accomplish this by delivering world-class energy metering and sub-metering, integrations and exports to your ERP/BMS and support by our skilled staff. Our collection system is also open which gives you the freedom to choose meters or easily integrate your existing meter installations.

End customer visualization and analysis
An end-user portal for your customers to track their usage

Exports and billing
Exports of metering data in the desired format to your debit and business system. If desired, we can also help you set up billing through selected partners

Secure communication
Secure communication over both fixed and mobile networks. We have a long-standing cooperation with Sweden’s top three mobile operators offering global coverage and all our data traffic is routed through our private network (APN)

Deep analysis and optimization
Through a number of selected partners we can offer you the best solutions on the market within each niche


Collection, visualization & analysis

Our cloud platform, elvaco.evo, creates new possibilities for utilities, property owners and service providers to handle large amount of data and create both analyzes and data for energy optimization.

You get access to your meter data 24/7 and can track collection in real-time with visualization of alarms and personalized reports. The level of service is determined based on your needs and prerequisites - ranging from total responsibility to integration to existing metering system.

  • Access 24/7 to your meter data
  • Track collection in real-time
  • Choose whether you want to look at single meters or larger areas
  • Map views and visualization of meter alarms
  • Custom dashboard
  • Branding with your logo and url


Click here to get to elvaco.evo

Metering as a Service

Our most popular service where we help leading energy and real estate companies with monitoring and quality assurance of the metering collection.

Software as a Service

If you already have an organization that manages the metering collection and want to continue with this we can offer our popular software as a service. You will also have access to our metering value portal.

Partner Program

Through our services, we help to strengthen our partners' offerings to their customers. Our contribution is sometimes hidden in the background and sometimes visible as a customized client interface.


We are able to offer tailored tele-communication solutions on a global scale via our partners. We ensure secure solutions for all types of connectivity.   

Any questions? Please contact Victor Söderberg, Manager Services, and he will tell you more.