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The M-Bus Master – at the heart of your metering infrastructure

The M-Bus Master lies at the heart of any M-Bus infrastructure, because it connects all the individual meters together and processes the data that they collect. It allows for reliable, cost-effective remote meter reading without the need for any external gateways or level converters. Elvaco supplies a wide variety of high-quality M-Bus Masters.


Direct and uncomplicated – the benefits of an M-Bus Master

Integrating an M-Bus Master into an infrastructure brings a whole range of benefits. As no external modules are needed, the M-Bus devices can easily be connected directly to the master with relatively little wiring. Because of its compatibility with other I/O interfaces, the M-Bus Master is also highly versatile. As up to 256 meters can be connected to the M-Bus Master, depending on the model, the use of a central component reduces costs and simplifies the installation process. In addition, very little space is needed, because this solution does not involve the use of further level converters. Together with the M-Bus technology, which is already known for its efficient functionality, all of this keeps the costs of remote meter reading and building automation to a minimum.


The essential concept – the functionality of the M-Bus Master

The M-Bus Master is the element that connects and manages all the individual meters, which are known as slaves. In addition, the master is responsible for supplying the serial bus with power. It also processes the data collected from the slaves so that the information can then be accessed and analysed via an interface such as RS232 or TCP/IP. Elvaco supplies a range of M-Bus Masters in different sizes and formats. The most compact model can connect up to 32 meters, while the largest solution in our range is designed for up to 256 units. Even cascading of several M-Bus Masters is simplified with the integrated infrared interface, so no extra wiring is needed.


M-Bus – the reliable technology for remote meter reading

M-Bus is a well-established, wired system for smart energy management that enables consumption data for heating, water, electricity and gas to be collected, read, controlled and monitored. The components of the M-Bus infrastructure are highly reliable, durable and compatible. The M-Bus standard specifies the requirements for M-Bus systems from the electrical design to the formatting of the data that is collected. The technology is based on a master-slave system where a series of meters are connected to one shared M-Bus Master.


Elvaco – specialising in M-Bus Masters

We are a well-established supplier of smart metering systems and M-Bus is one of our key technologies. For this reason, we offer a series of high-quality M-Bus Masters that are suitable for a variety of different applications. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you about the potential of M-Bus Masters and the variants available. If you are interested you can send your enquiry by e-mail or call a member of our expert team directly to find out more about Elvaco’s products and services.