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M-Bus meters, which are used to measure consumption values for heat, water and energy, require a receiving system, an M-Bus gateway, with which they can constantly communicate and exchange data. The CMe3000 M-Bus gateway for fixed networks is a simple but effective solution when it comes to collecting data from multiple meters. Thanks to open protocols according to industry standards and a practical web interface, the CMe3000 - M-Bus gateway for fixed networks can also be easily configured and updated remotely. In this way, uncomplicated and efficient reading of meter data and removing of faults is possible. Equipped with an IR interface, the CMe3000 M-Bus gateway for fixed networks also communicates wirelessly with various Elvaco devices as well as external M-Bus meters.

CMe3000 M-Bus Gateway for Fixed Network

CMe3000 is a cost-effective M-Bus Gateway for Fixed Network which acts as a communication tunnel for M-Bus meters and enables them to communicate with a receiving system. The product is equipped with an IR interface which enables it to communicate with other devices from Elvaco's CMe/CMeX Series as well as ABB electricity meters without using any cables. It is also compatible with all other meters using the M-Bus protocol. Through its integrated web interface, CMe3000 can be configured and updated remotely without having to visit its installation site.


Casing material:
Dimensions (w x h x d):
35 x 90 x 65 mm (2 DIN modules)
Protection class:
100 g
Mounted on DIN rail (DIN 50022) 35 mm

Electrical connections

Supply voltage:
Screw terminal. Cable 0.75-2.5 mm², 0.5 Nm tightening torque
M-Bus master port:
Pin terminal. Solid wire 0.6-0.8 Ø mm
RJ45 (Ethernet)

Electrical characteristics

Nominal voltage:
100-240 VAC (±10%)
50/60 Hz
Power consumption (max):
<2.5 W
Power consumption (nom):
<1 W
Installation category:

Environmental specifications

Operating temperature:
-20 °C to +55 °C
Operating humidity:
5 % to 90 %, non-condensing
Operating altitude:
0-2000 m
Usage environment:
Indoors, can be extended with IP67 enclosure for outdoor use
Storage temperature:
-40 °C to +85 °C

Temperature sensor, margin of error

Humidity sensor, margin of error

User interface

Green LED:
Red LED:
Yellow LED:
Status Ethernet
Push button:
Factory reset
Web interface (HTTP)


IR, integrated M-Bus Master
M-Bus standard:
EN 13757
Transparent M-Bus:
TCP/IP (software limit does not apply to Transparent M-Bus mode)

Wireless M-Bus

Integrated M-Bus Master

Nominal voltage, master port:
28 VDC
M-Bus baud rate, master port:
300 and 2400 bit/s
M-Bus search modes:
Primary, secondary
Maximum cable length:
1000 m (100 nF/km, maximum 90 ohm)
Maximum number of unit loads (hardware limit):
8T/12 mA (can be extended using the CMeX10-13S Series)

Wireless M-Bus Receiver

M-Bus slave interface


Software/firmware update:
Web interface

Data storage (examples)

Mobile Network

Fixed Network (Ethernet)

Speed and duplex:
Auto 10/100 MBit half/full duplex



EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3
EN 61010-1, CAT 3

Connections and Interfaces


The CMe3000 - M-Bus Gateway for fixed networks, is a smart, modern but still cost-effective level converter that acts as an interface between the M-Bus meters and the Ethernet TCP/IP communications infrastructure. The CMe3000 is a transparent gateway between wired M-Bus devices and the higher-level system using TCP/IP network.

The CMe3000 - M-Bus Gateway for fixed networks is a high-quality entry-level model in the field of M-Bus Gateways and provides all the essential functions required by a modern metering infrastructure. One key benefit of the M-Bus Gateway is its plug-and-play concept, which includes an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface. This online interface is used to monitor, maintain and configure the M-Bus Gateway remotely and therefore plays an important role in effective network monitoring and building automation systems. In addition, the CMe3000 can be updated remotely via the integrated web interface. Because of its compact size, the M-Bus Gateway takes up very little space and is easy to install.

Alongside its practical web interface, the CMe3000 - M-Bus Gateway for fixed networks also has a physical user interface that clearly indicates the current status of the M-Bus Gateway. An integrated LED lights up in different colours to show when the M-Bus Gateway is switched on or in Ethernet mode. A red LED alerts the user to the existence of a fault. The CMe3000 - M-Bus Gateway can be fully configured via its accompanying web application. The CMe3000 - M-Bus Gateway for fixed networks also has a push button for factory reset. This is particularly useful if repeated errors occur that cannot be resolved by simply reconfiguring the gateway. However, the M-Bus technology is highly reliable, which means that recurring errors are very rare.

Find out in more detail about the CMe3000 - M-Bus Gateway for fixed networks by contacting the competent and experienced team at Elvaco. If you are interested in the product, please send us an enquiry with the specifications of your metering project.