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Elsys ERS Eco CO2



Elvaco offers temperature and humidity sensors, both for indoor and outdoor environments. The product line enables simple and cost-effective metering, which enables a more effective use of energy and a better real-estate climate. Sensors are available with M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus or LoRaWAN communication, as well as with or without display.  


Elsys ERS Eco CO2 - Indoor sensor, LoRaWAN

ERS Eco CO2 is a LoRaWAN® temperature, humidity, and CO2 sensor for the indoor environment. The sensor is environmentally friendly option, with an organic solar cell as the only power source and an enclosure made from biodegradable material. Removing batteries from a wireless IoT device significantly reduces the environmental impact and maintenance costs. The ERS Eco CO2 can last up to 30 days in the dark depending on the sample interval, transmit interval, data rate, and environmental factors. It can be used with a self-adapting feature that will result in lower current consumption, lower network load, and less redundant data sent. With the feature activated, the sensor will adapt the transmission rate if the measured data is unchanged.

A high concentration of CO2 indoors can lead to poor air quality, which in turn negatively impacts human well-being and health. The Elsys ERS Eco CO2 sensor contributes to better air quality by measuring indoor air data and environmental parameters

The Elsys ERS Eco CO2 sensor is based on the efficient LoRaWAN network protocol, which can wirelessly transmit the measured data in real-time from the CO2 sensor to a platform to monitor and optimise air quality. 

The LoRaWAN technology is characterised by a very long range and good penetrability. As a result, the sensor can also be used in spacious buildings and complex structures. 

By using LoRaWAN, data from multiple CO2 sensors can be collected via a single gateway unit, which simplifies the implementation and management of sensor networks and saves costs.


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The Elsys ERS Eco CO2 indoor sensor is the ideal choice for measuring indoor CO2 concentration as well as various environmental parameters, such as temperature and humidity. Based on efficient LoRaWAN technology, the measuring device allows data to be collected at a long range and with high penetration. 

With the LoRaWAN CO2 sensor, collecting and transferring data to a platform is a fast, reliable and smooth process. 

The Elsys ERS Eco CO2 sensor is particularly energy-efficient and sustainable, as it is powered by solar cells and therefore operates entirely without batteries. Installation on walls or ceilings using a magnetic mounting system is easy and fuss-free, with no cabling required. 

This model is therefore best-suited for use in offices, schools, hospitals and other public or semi-public buildings.


FAQ – frequently asked questions about the Elsys ERS Eco CO2 sensor


How is the ERS ECO CO2 indoor sensor installed?

With its simple magnetic mounting system, the ERS ECO CO2 indoor sensor from Elsys can be mounted on both walls and ceilings.


How does the ERS ECO CO2 indoor sensor work?

The ERS ECO CO2 is powered by integrated solar cells. As a result, it does not require a battery, which minimises the need for maintenance and means that the interior sensor is a sustainable product.