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Elvaco offers temperature and humidity sensors, both for indoor and outdoor environments. The product line enables simple and cost-effective metering, which enables a more effective use of energy and a better real-estate climate. Sensors are available with M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus or LoRaWAN communication, as well as with or without display.  


Elsys ERS VOC - Indoor sensor, LoRaWAN

ERS VOC is a LoRaWAN sensor for high accuracy indoor climate measurements and is a great sensor for smart buildings, dynamic workspaces or climate control. The ERS VOC measure VOC level, temperature, humidity and light. ERS VOC has the capability of measuring almost everything regarding the indoor environment. It gives full control over the air quality, temperature, light, and humidity for either homes or workplaces. All Elsys sensors are equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) for easy configuration with a smart phone. All settings, such as data rate, encryption keys, triggers and activation can be changed and managed in the Elsys configuration app “Sensor settings”. The battery life is estimated to be up to 5 years, depending on sample interval, transmit interval, data rate, and environmental factors. The sensor is powered by two 3,6V AA lithium battery (sold separately).


With its ability to measure a variety of environmental parameters, the Elsys ERS VOC indoor sensor is an ideal tool for a number of applications in smart buildings. Thanks to the use of LoRaWAN technology, the model is energy-efficient and low-radiation because the data is transmitted using a low frequency with minimal transmission power. 

As a result, the sensor is environmentally friendly and can be operated for a long time without requiring maintenance. Depending on the transmission interval, data rate and usage environment, the Elsys ERS VOC has a minimum battery life of five years. 

By using the LoRaWAN network protocol, the humidity sensor also offers secure and reliable data transmission as the network protocol implements a variety of security measures, including AES-128 encryption and end-device level authentication. 

The LoRaWAN humidity sensor is designed to be compact and discreet, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any environment. It is durable and robust, which means it can be used indoors under a variety of temperature and humidity conditions. On top of this, the Elsys ERS VOC indoor sensor is dust- and water-resistant, so it can also be used in harsh environments.


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As a result of its wide range of measurements, possible areas for application as well as its precise, reliable and low-maintenance operation, the Elsys ERS VOC indoor sensor is the ideal measuring device for applications in building automation. 

The model not only functions as a LoRaWAN humidity sensor – it also measures various indoor environmental parameters on a holistic basis. These range from temperature and air quality, to light incidence and motion, to VOC levels for volatile organic compounds that might be contained in indoor air. 

The Elsys ERS VOC sensor is easy to install and operate. Equipped with an integrated battery, it is characterised by a long service life. Furthermore, the sensor is fitted with a Bluetooth module that allows it to be configured and controlled wirelessly. The sensor can also be programmed and managed via an iOS or Android mobile app.


FAQ – frequently asked questions about the Elsys ERS VOC indoor sensor


Is the Elsys ERS VOC indoor sensor compatible with other LoRaWAN gateways?

Yes, the Elsys ERS VOC indoor sensor is compatible with all LoRaWAN gateways that use the standard LoRaWAN protocol. This means that the sensor can be integrated into existing networks without issue.


Can the Elsys ERS VOC indoor sensor also be used outdoors?

The Elsys ERS VOC indoor sensor has been specifically designed for indoor use and should not be used outdoors. It is only possible to guarantee the reliable transmission of data within buildings or sheltered areas.

Is a battery included with the Elsys ERS VOC indoor sensor?

No, the battery for the Elsys ERS VOC indoor sensor must be ordered separately.