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EES Holland b.v.

EES Holland is an Elvaco Professional Partner in the Netherlands.
EES Holland designs, constructs, operates and maintains heat networks. This includes all parts in the supply chain from heat generation or heat reuse to the delivery of the heat to the end user. Means that they use to make this as efficient as possible are insulation materials, the collection and reuse of residual heat (such as from hot water from data centers), the efficient setup of installations (such as a central heating system), the use of smart meters and applications for gas. and electricity and the automatic detection of leaks in heat pipes. They use sustainable energy sources, such as geothermal energy or cooling in TES (underground heat and cold storage), heat from surface water and the use of solar panels to generate and use electricity. Furthermore, they provide energy labeling for buildings and advise on energy-saving measures and healthy ventilation methods and realize them.


Bovendijk 132 Unit 19
3045 PC Rotterdam
the Netherlands


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