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IoThink Solutions

IoThink Solutions is an Elvaco Professional Partner in France.
IoThink Solutions is a software editor specialized in IoT/M2M platforms and solutions. The company has created KHEIRON IoT Suite, an IoT platform easy to design, simple to connect and quick to deploy. KHEIRON IoT Suite brings you straight from the idea to the go-to-market in less than 5 days! For end-users and administrators, KHEIRON SP has been developed. It is the first IoT platform available from both via web and mobile app (iOS & Android). Thanks to its Plug & Play technology, data can easily be collected, stored, and analyzed from devices or machines to display dashboards, getting alerts and reports, and manage users rights. For integrators, KHEIRON Studio has been developed. It is a fully customizable Drag & Drop platform with an integrated toolbox that enables you to easily and quickly design many custom use cases for various markets such as Smart Energy, Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Industry, Smart Agriculture and Smart Retail.

1662 Route Nationale 7
FR-06270   Villeneuve-Loubet

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