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CGc LTE Box - Elvaco box-build with LTE support

Elvaco's CGc LTE Box solution includes LTE support for CMe3100 and extension modules. The CGc LTE Box variants consist of a CMe3100, CMeX50/CMeX10S-13S and an LTE gateway that communicates via mobile network (4G/3G/2G) mounted in a CM-Box 14. The product has the same functionality as CGc IP with the addition of an LTE gateway included. The CGc LTE is used when LTE connectivity is needed for accessing wired M-Bus meters (up to 512) or wireless M-Bus meters with and without stream mode. There are variants for wired and wireless M-Bus (434MHz and 868MHz).

  • Total: 11
  • Total: 11


Electrical connections

Electrical characteristics

Environmental specifications

Temperature sensor, margin of error

Humidity sensor, margin of error

User interface


Wireless M-Bus

Integrated M-Bus Master

Wireless M-Bus Receiver

M-Bus slave interface


Data storage (examples)

Mobile Network

Fixed Network (Ethernet)



Connections and Interfaces


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